Golf Club Observation Essay

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Today at 7:33 A.M. I went to Forest Hills Golf Club to observe what happens at a golf club. It was a beautiful cool morning. I was informed by an employee that I had the pleasure of observing a senior citizen team. For half of my time, I observed what was going on at the Grill. The Grill is an indoor eating area at the golf club. The rest of my time was spent observing what was taking place outside. In the eating area, I observed a senior citizen team getting ready to play golf. There were about twenty to twenty-five Caucasian men around the age of sixty-five and older. The patterns in behavior that they were drinking coffee and conversing with the other men. When a man walked into the eating area he would greet the other men by saying “Good morning” or “What’s up buddy” These two phrases was repeated a lot throughout my time there. Then, the men would see the head man in charge of putting the smaller teams together, so the men would know what team they would be on. The men were dressed in casual collared shirts with khaki or black pants and tennis shoes. Some things that I did not understand was that the men wanted to know who was in their group. I did not know that in golf you played in groups or teams. I guess it was because this was a senior citizens group. I overheard the head man in charge telling the other men that “hole number seven was…show more content…
I was shocked by how early these men get up to play golf. I overheard the conversation about some of the men began retired military and veterans. I was surprised when I observed the men on the course how talkative they were. I did not hear the whole conversation, but whatever they were talking about they sure enjoyed it. When I watch golf on television the golfers are so focused, not in this case. I liked how eager and ready the men were about playing golf. The senior citizen team of men would come in and chat, see what team there were on, and hit the
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