Golf Hypnosis Essay

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The Journal is about finding out whether or not hypnosis on the human body effects the game of golf both on the player and his putting. For the experiment 5 competitive golfer were used to see whether hypnosis effects flow states and golf putting. The method utilized in this study involved hypnotic induction, hypnotic regression and trigger control procedures. The study revealed that a psychological state described by Csikszentmihalyi (1975) that flow was strongly associated with peak performances in golfers. The test was conducted with 5 male golfers aged 21 years old. The golfers had handicaps ranging from 21 to 11. The 5 participants were carefully selected for the study and all had at least four years of playing experience. The five participants all had general knowledge of flow and had obtained performance levels greater than their handicaps. None of the golfers used in the test, had any experience with hypnosis training. The participants were also not allowed to participate in competitive golf or practice during the study. The putting task was adapted from Boutcher and Zinsser (1990) and involved putting a golf ball on a carpet to a target hole which was 11.5 cm in…show more content…
All of the participants indicated that during the hypnosis part of the test they had felt more relaxed, confident, and focused compared to the beginning of the test when they practiced and conducted the experiment without any hypnosis. Overall from the results it was suggested that the hypnosis consistently improved golf putting performance accuracy, as it was relaxing the participants and getting them more focused on to the putt, rather than anxiety and nerves being present and causing miss putts. The test was finished when each participant performed their best possible outcome of results and evidence was clear that the hypnosis had improved the overall putting and concentration of the
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