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3 – How would you continue to differentiate yourself? Differentiate is one of the biggest takeaways that I got from this class and is something that Golfer’s Paradise will use. For starters the business idea itself is different because it has all the requirements for a round of golf in one stop. This offers convenience, lowers cost, and limits time, for golfers because it brings them to one place. Over the next five years the way that Golfer’s Paradise will continue to differentiate itself is to use its consumers to evolve the company. When golf courses need a face life, they redo the clubhouse, fix the grass on the course, replant the greens, or make small changes to aspects of the course. Golfer’s Paradise will be different because the changes to the course will come from the consumers themselves. The five year strategy for Golfer’s Paradise is complete the overall aspect of the course and build the different projects that were mentioned early on in the class. These projects include: the course, proshop, miniature golf course, driving ranges, restaurant, and simulation area. After these projects are…show more content…
First, the miniature golf course will be one of the cheaper areas throughout the business in terms of cost the business. The layout of the miniature golf course will be similar to greens on a real course, in which there will be plenty of hills, curves, and dips. On the flip side, there will not be many objects to shot through or around such as those found on a lot of mini-golf courses. However, as the business continues to grow the option is there to add a second mini-golf course that is targeted directly towards to small children. Having the layout that I envision will allow for easy repair and lower the cost of maintenance on the course. This allow to price the course on par with local mini-golf courses or slightly above average to widen the profit margin of this aspect of the

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