Gone By Michael Grant And The Giver By Luis Lowry

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The dystopian novels Gone by Michael Grant and The Giver by Luis Lowry are the best novels to depict a dystopian society. Due to the use of negative social trends taken to nightmarish extremes, advanced technology and cancellation of individuality. One of the dystopian characteristics in both of the novels would be advanced technology, advanced technology is shown in The Giver when "Very carefully he inserted the needle into the bottle and began to fill the syringe with a clear liquid" (Lowry 186). This text shows advanced technology is several different ways the text shows it because this clear liquid that kills the person that the liquid is inserted in. This shows advanced technology because it is a liquid that kills a person its advanced …show more content…

This characteristic is shown in The Giver when Jonas's dad says "But I have to use a vein, and the veins in your arms are still to teeny weeny" ( Lowry 187). This shows social trends taken to nightmarish extremes very well because this baby has to tiny of veins and it is to small in their society and this is taken to nightmarish extremes when his dad kills the baby. Of course, in Gone the book has social trends taken to nightmarish extremes when in the text "She made little balls of light come out of her hands"( Grant 176) and "The left side of Bouncing Bette's face was covered in blood " ( Grant 172). These both show social trends taken to nightmarish extremes because the girl Bouncing Bette was hit in the head with a club and eventually dies from her wound. Her using her powers is the negative social trends because people do not like others with powers afraid of being dominated or took over, the nightmarish extremes would be Bouncing Bette being hit in the head with the bat and eventually dies from a blood clot in her head. The most dehumanizing one of these would be Gone and The Giver because being killed for just being too tiny and small is not ok, in their society though if you are crazy to small as shown in the text you will be released "For a contributing citizen to be released from the community was a final decision, a terrible punishment,an overwhelming statement of failure"(Lowry 2). In the same way, the girl that had the power in Gone was killed was because she wasn't accepted, making them both equally

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