Gone Fishing Research Paper

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Gone Fishing
Fishing has been around since the beginning of time. About 100 years ago a new invention had anglers in a frenzy, it was one of the world 's first fishing lures of many to come. In the early 1960s, a man named Lauri Rapala from Finland handcrafted artificial minnows out of balsa wood (New York Times). Word got around to America and fisherman went crazy. Life magazine described the product as "a lure fish can 't pass up" (New York Times). There were not many imports in america so fisherman would rent them from bait shops for a day. It was common for anglers to make a $20 deposit which is $160 in today 's revenue. With a high demand in america for lures George Perrin the owner of Pradco, a company that manufactured crisper drawers
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These lures do not dive or sink like typical other lures , they float and the angler must give life to it by twitching, popping or jerking it across the surface (WikiHow). There is a wide range of topwater lures in the world , a commonly used design is a popper. Poppers have a concave lip and almost always have inner rattles. Other topwater lures include stick baits, walk the dog baits, spy baits, buzz baits, and frogs (WikiHow). These lures are used when fish are very aggressive or when they are feeding on forge from the surface and/or the shoreline of the water. Weather conditions must be low to no wind, still water, and hot sunny or cloudy…show more content…
Spinnerbaits are a very simple lure they resemble an open safety pin. They have a weighted head with a skirt and large hook. Most have 1 to 2 blades but some may have up to four. These blades spin and vibrate while being retrieved through the water to imitate forge. Spinner bait blades come in different shapes and sizes such as the Willow leaf which is narrow with a point on both ends (WikiHow), the Indian which has rounded points (1), and the Colorado which is half indian and half Willow leaf (1). Like all lures anglers can buy spinnerbait in hundreds of different colors and sizes. The best time to use Spinnerbaits is in the winter months or cold water conditions. This lure can catch huge bass and monster northern pike. Another version of the Spinnerbait is the Inline Spinner. The Inline Spinner has a body made of beads and wire with a willow leaf or indian blade and a treble hook with feathers. This is a great river lure to target all species of trout (TakeMeFishing).
Fishing is one of the oldest sports, fisherman will always crave for the newest and greatest invention that comes out in the industry. George Perrin and Lauri Rapala were just some of the people that have changed the game, who knows what new lures and gadgets will be made in the years to

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