Gone Girl Film Analysis

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An awful movie I’ve got seen

Gone Girl is an awful movie I’ve got seen since its plot is illogical and the characterization of some roles is inconsistent.

The movie narrates a unordinary “loving story”, the plot of which is unordinary, suspense and thrilling, while the theme of this movie has nothing to do with it. At the end of the film, Amy came back, standing in the bathroom with her whole body covered with blood, spit out the so-called truth of marriage imperturbably and even remorselessly. However, the terror of marriage is killing people intangible, not murder or guns, which lowers the profundity of this social issue. It’s a really good suspense film, giving audiences the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster, yet this is the only thing the story leaving for us.

In fact, Gone Girl is a psychology movie, as the leading role Amy was a real psychopath orchestrating to frame her husband, Nick, for her murder, which included running away from home as the open and committing suicide as the end. In the movie, Amy was a beauty with blonde hair and shining brown eyes, and the slender legs lend charm to her. Additionally, she grew up as a top student, receiving the offer of a famous university and then became one of the most popular authors of children’s books. In any way, Amy was a typical winner, having a successful career, beautiful and charming appearance, enjoying a relatively high social status, and living in a happy marriage. Nevertheless, in reality, Amy
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