Gone Girl Analysis

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Gone Girl Review
Gone Girl a move produced in America directed by an experience director David Fincher, is adopted from a book written by Gillian Flynn. She wrote this book in the year 2012 under the same name of the movie. Movie starring are Ben Affleck, Neil P Harris, Tyler Perry, Rosamunda Pike, and Carrie Coon in order of their role performance. The movie was officially released on September 26th 2014 to the rest of the world in the 52nd night of New York Film Fest. It was released to the local theatrical nationwide on October 3rd during this period of release it received positive resulting reviews resulting from the critics. The major themes that are expressed in the movie range from dishonesty, economy’s effect on marriage and appearances.
Brief details of the movie, immediately on the 5th wedding anniversary of Nick Dunne (Affleck) returns to his house to realise his wife is missing Amy (Pike). After this piece of information spreads to the media it is perceived that it is Nick who was involved in the killing of his wife his behaviour is said to be sociopath. Their marriage had been in a mess after both of them lost their jobs during the period of economic recession, they had to move from New York and settle in Missouri this was after his mother was said to have cancer. Ever that
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Highlighting issues discussed in the above preview concerning the nature of how marriage is being dealt with during the moments of financial hiccups. My audience is bound to be involved in the course of the narrations and not only contribute but also pick the major actions of the movie even without having the real actions drawn to them in a theatrical perspective. In summary as a narrator am bound to make the movie event flow smoothly for my audience to feel the real actions of the
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