Gone To Americ Anti-Irish Sentiment Analysis

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In “Gone to America: Anti-Irish Sentiment” The History Place tells of the difficulties and racism that the Irish faced as they immigrated to the United States in search of a living for themselves and their families. To begin, the author illustrates how many Irish were actually coming over from Ireland fleeing persecution and famine; they make up the majority of immigrants in the United States during the mid-1800’s, and, additionally, alludes to the swells of Irish arriving in the cities. Furthermore, the author continues to illustrate how the Irish tended to stay in close knit communities much like they had at home; this was partly due to the poverty of the Irish as well, the author states. The author states the differences between the Irish at home and the Irish…show more content…
Connectedly, due to the behavior of the Irish, the newspapers painted the Irish as caricatures which caused citizens to fear the Irish and react violently to their increasing numbers. Yet, due to the issue of slavery, as the author states, the Irish issue took a back seat to the Civil War, and when the Irish showed bravery in many important battles, they were accepted as equals. In addition, The History Place continues to talk of the Irish immigrants in “Gone to America: The Rise of the Irish” as a hardworking labor force that worked in several different fields which pushed America to greatness after the American Civil War. In a country with little to no government regulation, the author concedes that Irish workers were a real force in industrial reformation as they built unions and got basic
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