Gone To College Essay

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According to The Atlantic newsletter, "the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center suggests that college-enrollment rates have actually decreased—and for the fourth straight year, all despite massive increases in federal aid for students who can’t afford tuition. The number of students enrolling in colleges and universities this year is 1.7 percent lower than it was last year" (Wong). After high school many students are faced with the decision of either going into college, going into a life outside of schooling, or going into a work force. The quantity of men and women going into college is slowly diminishing; however, the individuals choosing to attend college are attending for educational reasons, for job reasons, or for family…show more content…
As an adult when going through life there are certain skills that can help in everyday situations if gone to college. In college there are important classes taken to advance certain skills. Taking the classes and mastering the abilities while in college can help change lives greatly for future needs. Taking a business class can help when finding a job for oneself; while, taking a budgeting class can assist when trying to manage money whether it be for bills or self spending. Another major class taken would be speech which helps with communicating or interacting with others. Going to college could also help continue college futures in the next generation. Having at least one parent that has gone to college helps increase the likelihood of the child also going to college. The majority of parents usually tell their children they want them to have something better than they had, which is generally indicating their education. If a parent has gone to college the expectations are normally heightened. Children are expected to do well in school and earn the best grades to go off to college and earn a well working occupation. Having a parent who has gone to any type of college and understands what is going on in schools could help the child succeed in class. If a parent understands what is going on they could help the child with the work, lessening their troubles and teaching them how to do the lesson, advancing the understanding of its general
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