Gone With The Wind Analysis

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The 1939 famous epic film "Gone with the Wind" by David Selznick, is cinema 's most appreciable film produced in a three-strip technicolor. It reveals the events of the civil war that took place in the Old South region of South America. The classic tale was directed by Victor Fleming and is regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time. Love-hate romance is the most dominant in the film where Scarlett O 'Hara, the unassailable heroine struggles to seek true love during chaotic times where her town is plagued by civil war for several years. Eventually, she is compelled to seek refuge at the plantation Tara to protect herself and her family from the warfare (Selznick, “Gone with the Wind”). During her stay at plantation Tara, she is forced to take charge by defending it from carpetbaggers, the union soldiers and starvation. Scarlett is the epic heroine and protagonist who pursues Ashley Wilkes, however in the meantime, she engages in a love/hate relationship with the roguish yet charming Rhett Butler while choosing husbands that can provide her with a comfortable existence. Although Scarlett O’Hara have difficulty acknowledging that her and Rhett Butler are very similar in being narcissistic and bold, they struggle against the dictates of the proper society they belong to. While Ashley and his cousin Melanie Hamilton incarnate a quiet and idealized romance, Rhett and Scarlett embodies a love story of passion and torment- so much that their story cannot survive. Not like
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