Goo Good Character Analysis

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As I heard the crunching of metal on metal and the scraping of paint scratching against each other, I knew that I had hit a car. I had been driving for over six months now how could I have done this? As I pulled back out of the parking space and repositioned myself, I tried to come terms with what I had just done. There were a million thoughts racing through my mind. That was when I realized that there was no one else in the parking lot to see what I had done, I could drive off and pretend like nothing happened and no one would know it was me. The driver of the car was nowhere to be seen. While I wasn't prepared to hit a car that day, I was, however, prepared to handle the situation in the right way. I slowly took my keys out of the ignition and realized that although there was no one around to see what I had done I still had to do the right thing and let the owner know what had happened and that I would pay for the damage.…show more content…
Some of the qualities are not necessarily seen because it is who you are when there is no one there. Having good character means doing what is morally right when there are no pressures to do so. Since no one witnessed what had occurred I could have easily driven away and left the person to deal with the damage. While I was not able to talk to them that day, I later found them and explained what had happened and that I would pay for the damage. I could have easily walked away from the scene and left the incident in the past however that is not who I am. I decided to do the right thing and in the end it worked out for me because the person did not ask me to pay for the
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