Good And Evil Analysis

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Good and Evil has always been used in films, novels and stories. It creates more action within the story. This theme has been used by Shakespeare and by ancient story telling of Kings and Dragons

The director of this film, Robert Redford has used the writers work and developed a film from the script of the book. He depicted the contrast between good and evil through human activities and his cast members’s qualities. The main area where a viewer can pick up the good against evil theme is in the two Maclean brothers. Norman emphasises the good and the light side, while Paul shows us the dark, ugly and evil side of life. Most films casts a villain and a hero, who from the start of the film has been shown to be associated with evil, and we see
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We see Norman do the right thing, most of the time. There is a phrase that says “We determine our character by our actions”, in this film we can confirm this as Norman grows up being the hard-working, determined and smart brother in the Maclean family. Norman grows up without much trouble, except for the time they ‘shot the chutes’ and crashed the boat. We mainly see Norman working hard as a child and as a adult. Norman works hard at college and gets a PhD in English. He then goes with Jessie to Chicago to work at a university as a lecturer. Unlike Paul, Norman behaves in a good manner consistently and it pays off as he reaps the rewards. The shots of Norman are usually in the daytime throughout the play as this shows that he is innocent and honest in the film. One particular shot of Norman is a shot of him at the river at the end of the movie. He is fishing in the sunlight with the beautiful river. Since the river indicates life, you could say he is reflecting back on his life, since his death is near.

Robert Redford has used the contrast of good and bad, very well and it was made clear to any viewer. This is one of the many themes and motifs that Redford used in his magnificent masterpiece of a
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