Good And Evil: Are Humans Good Or Evil?

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Humans are powerful creatures. They can adapt quickly to any environment they surround themselves with. Not only this, but it creates a large amount of curiosity towards humans with what they do and why. People may want to help others and themselves or would want to bring others down and create pain. There will always be someone with a mindset of corrupt actions. Let’s face it, individuals are brought to the decision each day to be good or evil. A person's actions can affect others in several different ways. I believe that any person can be good, evil and that the environment around us shape us to be either good or evil. Therefore, humans are not born evil, their evil choices determine who they are as a person and here is why. Look at it…show more content…
In ‘Doing the Right Thing’ with the train hitting the 5 workers standing on the track or pushing the heavy man off the bridge to stop the train. From the book, ‘Uncharted Territory’ created by Jim Burke, Michael Sandel wrote ‘Doing the Right Thing’ based on using reasoning to draw conclusions. Michael Sandel states, “Some moral dilemmas arise from conflicting moral principles. For example, one principle that comes into play in the trolley story says we should save as many lives as possible, but another says it is wrong to kill an innocent person, even for a good cause” (489). This is a moral dilemma taking place. Either decision someone chooses a life will be taken away and both outcomes are evil but in different ways. With pushing the guy off the bridge, a person would feel guilty for pushing him but then relieved for saving more lives. For the train just killing the 5 people and not doing anything, a person won’t feel guilty for pushing someone and ending their life but then will feel guilty for not doing anything to help. Also, in a quick-thinking situation, I believe that individuals might be in shock and not know what to do and don’t have enough time for thinking so they wouldn’t do anything to help. If anyone actually thought about the situation they would respond by pushing the guy off the bridge onto the track because they would be saving more lives. With our morals, most people are against murder or ending someone's life but they might have to go against their morals in a situation like this because in either decision someone's life will be sacrificed. From ‘The Humility Code’, David Brooks moral code number 3 states, “We do sin, but we also have the capacity to recognize sin, to feel ashamed of sin, and to overcome sin” (109). This means that humans will feel guilty and have regret but will find a way for some type of redemption. Everyone will always struggle with making decisions
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