Good Vs. Evil In Delia Jones

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Delia Jones is a black woman who live in Florida that holds to her belief in God to help her get through the suffering that she endures from her abusive husband, Sykes. The theme of the story is good vs. evil which are shown as Delia and Sykes. Delia is the good, hardworking, and self sufficient character that is put through a lot having an abusive husband. Delia has a very strong work ethic, by the way that she is working hard to wash the clothes for the white people that she worked for to put food on the table and a roof over her and Sykes’ head. Sykes returns the favor by taking Delia’s money and spend on rent for Bertha’s house.
Sykes Jones is physically and emotionally abusive to Delia. He is immoral and unfaithful. Sykes takes the money that is earned from Delia's hard work to spend it away on his mistress, Bertha. Sykes in can be compared to evil because like everything evil he drained Delia of her beauty, joy and happiness that she once had. Once their marriage starts to fall apart, Sykes uses Delia’s deadly fear of snakes
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Delia’s husband Sykes does not value her or the work she does to support the both of them. Sykes has abused his wife for fifteen years and takes no shame in showing off his fat mistress for all to see. Sykes wants to get rid of Delia and take everything she’s ever worked for. When Sykes comes home and is killed by the snake, the one thing that he had used to scare Delia with so bad that she would leave, or die even. As Sykes is dying the sky begins to clear and the sun begins to rise. The clear, light sky and the sun represents freedom, purity, and peace, and the clear sky can also represent the Delia’s character .Delia’s revenge comes when Sykes decides to bring a rattlesnake into the house. Sykes teases her by saying that he brought her a gift, which to Delia know was impossible. When Delia asks him to take
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