Good And Evil In A Wrinkle In Time

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Question 4:
How does Madeleine L 'Engle CONTRAST the natural beauty of Ixchel and Uriel to the rigid orderliness of Camazotz?
A Wrinkle in Time is a book about good and evil. Every character is either good or evil. Camazotz, Uriel and Ixchel were the three planets the main characters ventured to on their way to save Meg’s father, Mr. Murry. The author uses the natural beauty of Ixchel and Uriel to represent good and contrasts that with the rigidity and orderliness in Camazotz, which is depicted to be evil.
The differences between Ixchel, Uriel and Camazotz are essential to the story as being on each planet allowed the main characters to appreciate their own uniqueness. Their experience the on the planets eventually encouraged Meg to reject conformity
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Lastly, the author parallels the contrasts between the planets by presenting readers with changes in Meg’s character as the novel develops.
Meg is introduced to readers as awkward and out of place at her high school. She is involved in frequent fights with her peers and is sent to the principal 's office for her misbehavior . At first, Meg “hates being an oddball” . However, in order to save her father, Meg learns to overcome her desire for conformity and appreciate her own uniqueness as an individual. On Uriel, Meg was filled with happiness and free from any worries. Ixchel offers Meg the opportunity for renewal and restoration as the beasts nurse Meg back to health after she was injured. This sense of warmth and protection healed her quickly .
By stark contrast, on Camazotz, Meg could sense only fear and helplessness. At the mere mention of the word IT, Meg felt as though she had been ‘touched by something slimy and horrible.’ Upon hearing the pulsing of IT, Meg could not control what she was saying and ‘felt IT seizing, squeezing her
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