Good And Evil In American Horror Story

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Balance of good and evil or decay “Not good versus evil. Only good versus evil is inside of you” (Sterling). By definition the word “evil” means something that is very immoral or has malevolent purpose, while the word “good” is something which is morally right and has intents of the righteousness. The reality is that “good” and “evil” doesn’t exist by their self, those are just names given to desire actions and ideas. The moral is based on principles that doesn’t have a clear origin. Even though, different films show how this two can be defined and divided by different aspects, as society, culture and ideologies. The film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, has a low profile of what really is good and evil, but makes the viewer analyze…show more content…
The film tries to explain how evil can crawl on minds, attracted by all kind of desires. Here the devil is shown as many ways, or that’s the intention. First, it shows how a witch uses power to kill someone, to fulfill anger. Also there’s an interesting character named Madame LaLaurie, a racist and old woman who used the devil by sacrificing and making horrible things to slaves, just to fulfill the desire of maintain her youth. Enchanting Satan itself, this is where the viewer can get confused. Madison Montgomery, a young witch that wanted to brought someone back from the dead as way of pardon. She used a resurrection spell that cast the devil. So it’s good her intention, but it’s good to recur to that kind of magic? Also shows cases of bestiality which is a taboo these days and is considered something very evil. Myrtle Snow is another excellent character to show how the film make evil look good. Snow did some things to another witches seeking for vengeance and make justice. She poked eyes out to make Cordelia see, and she spell tongues to say only the true. Both of those, ended up in a mess, affecting other characters. Also they killed each other, witches between witches. The most important thing about this film is that it shows the darkest of witchcraft, as it includes voodoo and evil magic. The witches doesn’t need anything good at all. The good isn’t as clear as the dark, it is…show more content…
On Coven there’s no balance, almost everything is considered evil parting from the moral part. It’s because almost all characters are blind by specific desires, as Sarah Davies states they choose evil to bend life to their will and got what they really want. On the film Fantastic beasts and where to find them, exist a little balance having weight on the good side, as it show partially things of the daily basis. The balance of good and evil is the main control of the world, when one of those isn’t calibrated almost all the other things
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