Good And Evil In Into Thin Air By Jon Krakauer

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If you had to make a choice between good and evil and not known which was which, what would you do? This question defines many moments in, ‘Into Thin Air’, a book written by Jon Krakauer, where the lines of good and evil are hidden under the snow. These moments are clearly shown when Tenzing Sherpa decided to scout a route to Camp One, the IMAX expedition stopped their climb to assist Jon’s team, and Rob Hall decided to go for the summit unknowingly and unintentionally sealing the fates of multiple lives. All of these decisions contributed to Jon’s surmounting depression, anguish, and pain. One of the first choices that affected Jon was when Tenzing and other sherpas, (Himalayan natives), went to scout a route from Lobuje to Base Camp without using a rope. Tenzing’s choice to help establish the route without proper safety equipment caused him to fall into a crevasse thus prompting Rob Hall to coordinate his rescue. Without a guide, the expedition stayed in the settlement of Lobuje for several days. Lobuje, though, was extremely unsanitary and several…show more content…
The leader of the IMAX team, David Breashears, “immediately postponed their own summit plans in order to assist the stricken climbers” (230). The IMAX supplied them with batteries for their radios and, most importantly, oxygen. David Breashears, out of his principles and good nature, saved numerous lives, one of which was Jon. David’s decision to aid Jon and the rest of the expedition, was monumental because without the oxygen the team wouldn’t likely survive another night in the cold, harsh conditions of Mt. Everest. With the assistance of the IMAX team, Jon eventually made it off the mountain. Finally safe, Jon was expected to face his biggest challenge, grief. Even though Jon may not have completely overcome his grief, he was safe and could go home and rebuild his

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