Good And Evil In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Without any grown-ups around, the boys are left to battle for and represent themselves. The young men utilize a conch shell as a talking stick, and Ralph, one of the more established young men, gets to be "chief." And then trouble starts. They 're anxious about a "monster" some place on the island, and afterward they choose to make a sign flame using the glasses of a kid named Piggy as opposed to keeping up the flame. The longer they 're on the island, the more savage they become. During that time, another key character Simon, who is wise and philosophical, joins Ralph to help make covers for shelter. The young men who are supposed to tend the flame skip out on their obligations to execute a pig. The violence of the chase is all…show more content…
There are many themes that lie within William Golding 's novel Lord of the Flies. Many of these topics include civilization being destroyed through cruelty. The subject in the novel that stood out to me the most is civilization against savagery. It portrays a confliction between the good and evil that exists in every individual. Under Ralph 's leadership, the group is more civilized. They do everything accordingly, communicate efficiently, and have a sense of morality. Jack 's “tribe” acts in a more belligerent manner, and they are described as savages. They are reckless, creatures who live fundamentally by drive, and revolve around trouble. Having rules, standards,authority, can help keep civilization in order. If these things are disregarded, the atrocities of human instinct are permitted to rise. The boys trepidation of the unknown causes their fear of the beast. A little boy educated the others of his locating of the brute. The possibility of such a creature existing on the island appeared to be over the top, yet the young men couldn 't get the it out of their heads. Simon comes to understand that the mammoth is not a monster by any means, but rather a dead human. This symbolizes that they don 't have anything to fear but fear itself. They shouldn 't be afraid of some underhanded beast, only themsleves. The main monster that exists
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