Good And Evil In O. E. Parker's Back

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The description of the story assisted in creating a very strong protagonist in O.E. Parker. The character in the story endures an alarming experience at a fair first, then trying to reject any kind of commitment or association with religion, and finally capitulating to the demands of the spirit. “Parker’s Back” refers primarily to the main focus of consideration, that is, Parker’s back, where at the end of the story, Christ tattoo was etched. I consider this story to be one of the most profound short stories that I’ve read. This story works on the ideology that spirit and matter are distinct and contrasting manifestations of good and evil and also that man is incapable of approaching God and God is reluctantly drawn near to man.
Characteristics that seem to single Parker out from the other characters in the story are that he is an active mediator in a full-fledged expedition, that is to explore his individuality and identity; and he is, rather than meets, an incarnational symbol, that is the Christ tattoo.
Such an ideology that is contrary to the orthodox religious doctrine makes absurd misinterpretations of the idea of a merciful creator, that is, God, who is the father and we all are His children. Here, it looks like the individuals are rejecting the divine provision, which, if there is no such thing, makes a complete
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The images dictate in the same way the Gospel narratives and even Eastern tradition narratives construct. That is an influence on the mind; folktales that leave lasting imageries. I believe that if Sarah Ruth is so much into religion, then how could she have possibly misread some of the stuff written in the Gospel. For example, Chapter 1 of St. John Gospel, “The word was made flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory.” I don’t understand that if she considers herself orthodox Christian, then what she must have thought these words meant. I guess this is the effect sacrilege has in the
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