Good And Evil In Shakespeare's 'Lady Macbeth'

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Lady Macbeth is Evil
Humans are capable of great compassion, as well as great cruelty. Often they will go to great lengths and use any means necessary to accomplish their goals. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth are guilty of employing heinous ruthlessness to achieve the goal of ruling Scotland. Spurred by Macbeth’s letter of the witches’ prophecies, Lady Macbeth begins a journey which demonstrates her dark and cruel nature ultimately bringing about the downfall of her husband and herself.

Lady Macbeth is evil, she does things that no sane person would do. Nobody just tells their husband to kill their king because some old hags off the side said that he would be king, that's not how things work in the world. She is evil also because she said: “Come, you spirits that serve the thoughts of mortals: rid me of the natural tenderness of my sex and fill me from head to toe with the direst cruelty!” (I, v, 39-42) in order to have the right amount of “evil” to kill the king, another example is when she is setting up the murder with daggers for Macbeth to kill the king, she says before
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However, while she was sleepwalking she never said she was sorry for what she did. So, she is still evil, because towards the end she started to state that there is no going back and that they are not safe anymore, she says “Nothing’s gained, all’s lost, when a wish fulfilled brings no contentment….What can’t be cured has to be endured. What’s done is done” (III, ii, 4-12). Lady Macbeth is still evil, no matter what she does.
Lady Macbeth’s cruel and dark natures carried her through even though she wasn't happy. She couldn’t keep her hands clean, planning and executing the king's murder with her husband. At times she was showed as weak, it was portrayed as evil intentions. As said all humans are capable of anything, compassion, and great
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