Three Types Of Sustainability

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The common misconception about the word ‘sustainability’ is that, most people think it focus only on the climate change, recycling and composting, and saving the environment, while ‘sustainability’ has nothing to do with business activity and the economy. However, a good and sustainable business model has everything to do with taking care of the environment while contributing to the society. That is the true concept of sustainability. It focuses more on a long-term solution, rather than focus on the short term one.

The main reason why sustainability is important is because of one simple fact, which is we are living in the same planet. As the years past, the birth rate grows faster than the death rate. According to 2016 World Population Data
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TBL method mentioned that, for any organization to last long and profitable in long term, it should focus on not just Profit, but also the aspect of the wellbeing of People, and the aspect of preserving the Planet. There are 3 types of model in sustainability. Firstly, the Mickey Mouse Model, secondly, Triple Bottom Line Model and lastly, the ‘Bullseye’ Model.

The Mickey Mouse Model focuses more on Profit, while putting People and Planet as secondary focus. This type of model can cause major atmospheric disaster on a global scale as it focuses more on Profit rather than what is more important which is the Planet to sustain life, including the People. This is the general practice of most companies.

Picture 1: Mickey Mouse Model

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Model, which is widely used, puts the same importance for 3Ps. It is a better model than the Mickey Mouse Model, but it is a weaker sustainable model and can never sustain the Planet, because Planet should be put as the highest importance among all.

Picture 2: Triple Bottom Line Model

The ‘Bullseye’ Model is defined as the strong sustainability model as it puts Planet as the most important aspect. Then it considers People to be the second highest, and Profit as third most important aspect in creating a sustainable
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By implementing such responsible action, it creates more jobs for the society, increases the economy of the country, while creating healthy lifestyle in their daily lives. In addition, such action decreases the carbon emission by 152 metric ton per year, which makes a cleaner environment.

Although practicing TBL gives holistic positive effect to the world, there are major challenges faced in implementing in real life. This is due to most people are driven by greed and short term thinking. They are only focus on their generation’s wellbeing, and forgot to think of next

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