Good Book Reflection

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Headlines, Newsweek Magazine, 2014, “The Bible, so misunderstood it’s a sin.” Kurt Lichtenwald, Internet. Same site: “The Good Book is so misquoted it’s a sin.” Mabelle Doliveus, from Newsweek. These are not only unusual statements but incredibly sad ones…and continuances of history.
Add me to the “#ME TOO” list, for I also confuse and misinterpret the Good Book. I too have flaws. But I’m getting wiser. I’ve seen how, over the history of the church, there were deliberate attempts to exploit the hearts and minds of the illiterate. It changed my perspectives. Human ignorance has battled and challenged GOD. But He won, and He dealt with these obstacles. .
Biblical history tells repeatedly of people openly rebellious to GOD. He went out of His way to explain the repercussions: “They have not known my ways. As I swore in my wrath,
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The Universe accommodates me as if to support of my undertaking. It has given me permission to go ahead. Scriptures and studies and explanations and articles fall in my lap pointing the way to go.
My generation is accomplished for creating. We design things to entertain us; lots of toys. Whether we are exceptional of not, we love to tinker! Yet when it comes to GOD and spiritual matters, we don’t show the same enthusiasm or gifting. We’re as far behind in our spiritual convictions as other generations. We say we revere the Bible. How do we do that exactly? We don’t read it. Or do the required work. We keep it in a safe place in case we need it. Truth is, we don’t seek its wisdom until we have a catastrophe.
I am not like many of you readers, who grew up with childhood teachings, Sunday school lessons and catechisms under your belt. I came to GOD with nothing but a desperate heart. There was no Bible in our childhood home, no church attendances, no prayers or blessings. My father and grandfather were freemasons. Whatever their faith, they did not share it with the
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