Good Cells Gone Bad Analysis

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Haley Toone
Prof. Kymes
Eng. 113
10 February, 2017
Good Cells Gone Bad
My father was witty and handsome, strong-minded and a diligent worker. I believe that is what made him so likable in his near to final days. We overlooked his trade in of John Travolta hair for Alan Arkin’s. We laughed at the mindless morphine talk. We took bliss in simply sitting with our unconscious father because we knew we only had days, hours, before he was no longer our loving father, but rather another tragic victim of cancer. I lost my dear dad when I was only fourteen, the time a little girl really needs her daddy the most: for strength and courage, for a virtuous example of young men to date, to help her embrace her natural beauty and divine nature. But, please,
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Nothing is truly ours, decease will always take it in the end. Life and death are entangled into the same eternal circle; you cannot have one without the other. A life lived in love and laughter makes expiry worth it. Rather than fear the end, use it as incentive to fulfill our dreams and wants. Honor our late loved ones though they may never know. Ask the girl out, take the job, do something crazy. There is still meaning to your life without your lost ones. Take your present day to day happiness and make it long term. Use the sorrow and catharsis as a lens to focus your will.
“Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a famed Swiss psychiatrist, noticed that many of her patients who were terminally ill exhibited as many as five stages of grief. This became well-known in pop culture as the Kübler-Ross model, and it contains the following stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance” (“Five Stages of Grief.”).
Our situations are not unique, but can have an everlasting effect of people. The experience of loss can motivate us to do great things. Researchers who study cancer do so for the reason that they too have seen or gone through the overwhelming trials of cancer. They have personally been effected. They spend their entire existence trying to prevent other families from feeling the misery they
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