A Manager's Role In Ethical Leadership

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Character is an essential ingredient in ethical leadership. It is also important in mangers and CEO’s. According to Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn and Osborn (2014), “the ethical leadership theory describes that leaders should be role models of appropriate behavior” (p.321). As a leader whether you are a CEO or a manger, you should have certain characteristics whether it is honesty and respectfulness. Managers and CEO’s should have a positive character because they influence others. A manager’s role in a company is to run and manage the daily operations of the company. Therefore, it is especially important in mangers. A manager who has a good character ensures that things are done correctly in the organization. A manager who has a good character also…show more content…
It does indeed provide useful insights into who might be an ethical and unethical leader. The waiter rule is similar to the golden rule in my perspective. If a person does not treat their subordinates right, it can negatively affect a company. It also shows a person’s true character. Leaders ought to be humble. They should not treat their subordinates unfairly because of their position. I believe that everyone has been in the same position one point in their lives. Leaders have been where other employees have been and they should not forget that. Therefore, they should treat everyone with respect. It doesn’t matter what job a person has whether they are a garbage man or a janitor, they should be treated with respect. I believe that corporate boards should consider character when hiring someone for the top position. If a person does not have a positive character, they do not deserve that position. They should be role models for everyone to follow. Therefore, they should be courageous, trustworthy, honest and respectful to name a few. If they do not have a good character, it may cause employee turnover and it could potentially ruin the business altogether. As Hamilton (n.d.) states, leadership and employees must appreciate each other and learn to interact positively with each other (para.12). This all starts with hiring persons who have good character and exercise those positive traits every day. Leaders should strive for strong morals in their…show more content…
At the end of day, character is important. There are many people who would treat those who are on their social ladder as equals and those below them unequally. It is important for a person who is running an entire company to treat everyone fairly. A leader who has a good character will most likely have a very high moral compass. They would be ethically mindful. They would not have self -interest. They would care about the well -being of others. As Carroll and Buchholtz (2015) states, agency problems originate when managers only care about themselves instead of shareholders (p.100). Therefore, a manager or a CEO with a good character would make the right decisions that would be most beneficial for the company and everyone else. A leader who has a strong character will ensure that everything is done fairly. They would set the tone for other employees to follow. It is not a simplistic guideline for judging one’s ethics either. If a person has good ethics, they should excel in all areas despite the situation they are placed in. A person’s character and attitude also help to determine what their morals are like. Therefore, it is not too
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