Good Citizens And The Responsibilities Of Citizens

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Responsibilities of Citizens All people are the citizens of their country and they acquire citizenship of their countries from the beginning of birth. In my point of view, citizenship is a status of group of people who live in a society and share same traditional values and rights. People around us are citizens of their country, so they should be aware of duties of citizenship in their country and follow them. Being a good citizen requires a lot of responsibilities toward the state, therefore good citizens should live and create for the welfare of their country and sacrifice everything for its future. While citizens have duties and responsibilities regarding obeying rules such as paying taxes, respecting law and voting, the military service created a question mark on minds, whether it should be done or not. I think the first and the most important responsibility is obeying law because of some remarkable reasons that I would like to mention. Firstly, obeying law is the duty of people and they must not break rules which is considered as the violation of the law. Laws are concerned with foundation of social order and preserving the society as a whole, so obeying rules makes our community peaceful and safe. It is obligatory for every citizen to obey the all laws (criminal, civil) that set by the government. Instead of following the laws, we heard from news and come across with some bad behaviors such as committing crimes, drug abusing, stealing

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