Good Coaches Research Paper

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There are two types of coaches in this world, the one that encourages and the one that screams at his players. Every coach has their own way of teaching, but some are more successful than others. Each coach has perks and benefits, but a positive attitude always is more effective. Coaches who motivate, who show humility, and who are intelligent more effectively lead than a coach who uses aggression to motivate, who is not humble, and who lets emotion control their minds. Motivation is the key to success in every sport, and only a coach that is patient and inspirational can achieve that goal. A positive coach understands in every situation that the players need to be in the right mindset. To get ready for the game, the coach will go through the game plan and give an inspirational speech to encourage everyone. He will not use aggression; he would rather use other methods. He can work with his players to get them to reach their full potential. A good coach never gives up on his team, so they know that he will be there no matter what the outcome is. A humble coach that is not afraid to be the better…show more content…
In the heat of the moment, they could make rash choices that could alter the outcome of the game. Coaches like that tend to understand the determination and mentality for the sport. For example, a good coach encourages their players, so they can reach their potential and believe in themselves. A smart coach usually is not very aggressive because they know it is not very effective. Both approaches to coaching are effective, but a positive coach has more pros than cons. They might lack emotional encouragement, but they stay level headed and tackle problems in the best possible way. A team is only as good as their coach lets them be. Athletes are better off learning from a person they respect than one that they fear. A positive coach acts as a role model, and it promotes good
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