Good Cop-Bad Cop Analysis

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1. Story: "The police are called to a residence to answer a call about a loud party. They knock on the door but no one answers. The police are told by the dispatcher that the residents may be hearing impaired.". In the “hearing impaired party” story, list some ways the officers might have used to gain their attention.

The police gained the attention of the hearing-impaired persons by breaking their window. The police were probably able to communicate by writing down the reason why they were and writing down any other information they needed to convey, complaints by neighbors etc.

2. Explain the “good cop--bad cop” technique when used in an interrogation or interview. Why does it work? (If you do not know what this means, ask the Instructor.)
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The god-cop side only works when there is common ground, deceiving the suspect can backfire if the interrogator is caught lying. If the interrogator is not caught the suspect can gain trust and confess. 3. Which early law codes gave victims rights against the perpetrator?

Early law codes gave victim’s rights against perpetrators, guaranteeing that victims are able to participate in criminal proceedings and be heard. Four movements that gave victim’s rights are the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the women’s movement and the “law and order” movement. 4. Describe the various stages of crisis that victims go
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