Good Country People: A Literary Analysis

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Two southern set stories display the life of both Emily and Hulga who had dealt traumatic changes in their lives that lead to downfalls of retrieving love. Both Faulkner of A Rose for Emily and O’Conner if Good Country People showed readers the southern society back in the early to middle 1900s setting which involved two women of modern yet aged southern towns that both stories seemed to compare the usage of southern gothic , situation irony, and the revealing the protagonist lovers true identities Homer and Manly. Through the similarities of the stories, a variety of differences was brought along with the similarities such as the usage of southern gothic.
The usage of southern gothic in the stories which was revealed around the climax of
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Situational irony was revealed both stories because a situation occurred in which actions had an effect that was the complete opposite from what was intended, so that the outcome is contrary to what was expected. In A Rose For Emily many reader including myself expected Emily to kill herself because of the hardships and losses of love ones but at the end of the story she actually poisoned Homer to kill him. No person in the town knew she killed until she was dead herself, 40 years later. Despite Homer not having the desire to married Emily to take it upon her to make sure marriage will be created by death. Therefore, she murders Homer in order to form a everlasting bond. Situational irony is also found in Good Country People but with scenarios which involve Hulga expecting to seduce Manley however it turned out to be a whole twist when the Hulga and Manly was on the hay loft and Hulga was the one getting seduce and taking advantage of by a so called bible salesman and takes her leg. Irony was obvious in this story especially because of Manly unexpected behavior but in conclusion situations was not as they work out to be. Though through both stories situations yet became unexpected but lovers soon revealed their true
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