Good Country People Theme Analysis Essay

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Theme Analysis of “Good Country People” As we look forward in our literature adventure, we focus our efforts towards the “theme “of the story that we are reading. First, we need to gain a clear understanding of the meaning of theme. As provided in our textbook, “theme is the central idea or meaning of a story” (Meyers 242). Now that we have received the definition, we can begin to dissect a story from our reading of the week. I chose “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor to exhibit what I have learned from the lesson of the week. The story provides great insight on how the author wants you to see the story or the meaning behind each of her words. For instance, the title of the story should present some type information for the reader to…show more content…
Through the reading, I discovered several examples that will prove how people see other people and even classify them by what they own, how much money they may have, and racial class are a few examples on how individuals are socially classified in the story. O’Connor provides context in the story as she describes some of the characters as good country people. As for me this would not be seen as an offensive remark, but others would say that it may be. Mrs. Hopewell describes the Freeman’s as good country people and if you find someone like that you had better keep them in your life (O’Connor 368). With that description, I was led to believe that they were good people, but I can also believe that the other presented them as being great help and when you have great help then you better keep them. If you do not keep them you could end up with trash. O’Connor supports my statement as she states, “She had had plenty experience with trash” (O’Connor 369). The author’s statement gives the reader the interpretation that societal status is present in the story with the discussion of trashy people to good country
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