Good Country People Good Vs Evil Essay

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This story does not strongly depict which character is good and which is bad, but you can say that both characters have their flaws and both have evil characteristics. Neither one has a direct calling from God but the barn scene is a clear message of right from wrong. Hulgas self centered and manipulating personality shows that she uses her insecurities to try to take advantage of others. Pointers character is a bad con man who takes advantage of these projected insecurities to get what he wants, and break people down. In addition both characters do not follow a strong religious background. They lack God and this helps draw them to do wrong. To conclude, Hulga and Pointer represent evil presence from their lack of goodness and religion in O 'Connor 's opinion. Not only does Good Country People depicts this but also The Life you Save May be Your Own. Lastly, The Life You Save May be Your Own is the final example of good and evil. The first character to discuss is Mr. Shiftlet. Mr. Shiftlet, …show more content…

Catholicism was her driving force to write these stories and lay out her messages of selfishness, pride, vulnerability, and greed. Her characters are faced with a calling from God to do right from wrong. If they shy away from this calling, the character is seen to be a bad person. However, in O 'Connor 's eyes, God and faith can help embrace good and overcome evil.These characteristics are still displayed in our everyday life. Not only is it through religious beliefs but also universal ones and how it impacts our decisions and what we choose to do. Whether we believe in it or not, O’Connor portrayed underlying messages of the world around us and factors that influence our decisions in life. As we read these stories and watch the world around us how do we know who is truly good and

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