Good Country People Hulga Character Analysis

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Short stories often have a character or several characters that establish connections through the events and experiences in the story.In Flannery O'Connor's short story “Good Country People”, Hulga and Manley Pointer have create an interesting relationship quickly in the story. Hulga and Pointer have different perspectives towards their relationship. Hulga sees their relationship is of Manley's innocent love for Hulga. While Pointer establishes a relationship of illusion to take advantage of Hulga. Both characters have different desires for the relationship and results in an unexpected sudden end. Hulga is Hulga, also known as Joy, is around thirty years old and still living with her mother. She is often disagreeing or complaining with her mother…show more content…
Hulga is assuming that Manley is lesser than him and has no chance of being with her. Shortly after the dinner the bible salesman is leaving and Hulga describes their encounter as she is walking him towards the gate. Manley describes to Hulga how he also has a serious condition that will result in him dying, and he suggests that the two of them were destined to meet and that they should see each other the next day again. Hulga agrees to the idea and imagines scenarios in her head about what will happen. Hulga believes that Manley is easily manipulated and can be seduced easily. “During the night she had imagined that she seduced him” (180) Hulga concludes that Manley will be easily persuaded by herself and that she is truly superior than he is intellectually. “True genius can get an idea across even to an inferior mind.” (180) Hulga’s relationship with Manley continues to grow as they learn more about each other. While walking towards their picnic Hulga expresses to Manley that she does not believe in God which shocked Manley. After
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