Good Country People Literary Analysis

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Both “Good Country People” and “Hills Like White Elephants” comment and demonstrate how deception can take on different faces between men and women. Good Country People shows and or comment on how the root of deceptive appearances are based on whiskey (alcohol), cards (sex related), and sex, while in the Hills Like White Elephants shows how these elements are played out in real life so to speak. Appearance versus reality between these two stories is something. Mrs. Hopewell relies heavily on three stereotypes to define her life and or other people. One of her favorite sayings is ‘nothing is perfect’ however, she doesn’t apply her own words to live her life. For example, when her daughter Joy (Hulga) tells her that she must accept her ‘LIKE I AM’; she is unable to do so. Joy lost her leg when she was only ten years old due to some hunting accident and returned home after university to lives with her mother. While away at university she legally changed her name from Joy (happiness) to something she thinks is more appropriate for her, Hulga (or ugly) because of her physical appearance. "Seventeen" (O’Connor 358). The first tale of deception when she was out on the mysterious date with Manley. For Hulga to be someone who believes in…show more content…
“Let’s drink beer” (Hemingway, 330). It is hot, and the man orders two beers at the request of the girl who is actually doing much of decision making. The girl remarks that the nearby hills look like white elephants, to which the American responds that he’s never seen one. They order more drinks and begin to argue about the taste of the alcohol. The American chastises her and says that they should try to enjoy themselves. The girl replies that she’s merely having fun and then retracts her earlier comment by saying the hills don’t actually look like white elephants to her

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