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Customer service is vital for establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base. An excellent customer service culture is an essential part of a successful business or organisation. Quality products and competitive prices will take the back seat if your employees do not meet the expectations of your customers. Retaining customers will become a headache with rude and inexperienced customer service staff, ultimately leading to a drop in sales. Existing customers will take their business elsewhere, why patronise an organisation that has no regards for its customers?
So, how do you build an excellent customer service culture in your organization? We will bring you through the four pillars of excellent customer service – Trust, Communication, Empowerment and Training. …show more content…


In order to build a culture of excellent customer service within your organisation, it is just as important to give an equal amount of attention and emphasis on empowering your employees to meet the set standards.
Employees should have a certain level of autonomy and the right repertoire of skills to determine the best possible customer service to be provided to a customer. Set and define the service standards expected from your employees and then equip them with the power and skills that will allow them to meet customer needs in the best manner possible.
Ensure that your employees are well aware of the company mission, vision, goals and policies of the company. This will allow them to understand what the company stands for and how their actions and interactions with customers will affect the company as a whole, giving them the confidence to give the best they can to help the company achieve its goals and targets.
Employee empowerment is a two-way street – your customers will enjoy reap the benefits of excellent customer service while your employees will achieve job

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