Lady Macbeth Persuasive Speech

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Good Evening Grin and Tonic, it is wonderful to be able to audition for a position in your theatrical rendition of Macbeth. I believe that I am a worthy addition to your company, as I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of Shakespeare’s framework in structuring English literature and how his ideologies and themes are still used in the modern era. Today I will deliver a variation of a classic, Macbeth. (Talk about how hatters got this mercury poisoning) – From mercury in the felt This soliloquy is based on Act 5, Scene 1. Where thus far in the play Lady Macbeth has been filled with guilt from her crucial role in the murder of King Duncan and it is leading her to turn insane. This scene has been chosen to be played by a Hatter from…show more content…
Lady Macbeth’s fall into insanity in Act 5, scene 1 reveals the pain that has been inflicted on her mind, this scene also reveals the other characters giving up on their queen. This scene is an essential part of the play that truly exposes Lady Macbeth’s character through her insanity and suicide. This can be acknowledged and connected to the characteristics of the ‘mad-hatter’ character, which was abandoned by society for being mentally ill, even though the character was just a victim of a mind-deteriorating poising. I have chosen an alternative reading as, this far in the play Lady Macbeth has just became filled with guilt, which is marginalised as her being insane. This was not explored in great depth, whereas, this alternative reading offers greater knowledge of Lady Macbeth’s true curse of guilt, and explores her deeper mourning. This delivery of the monologue also sets the audience as the doctor/gentlewoman who abandon Lady Macbeth, as they believe she is too far gone; when in fact she is in need of more severe…show more content…
This is done so it is easier to identify my character as a hat manufacturer, the night gown is used to represent that character is hallucinating whilst sleep walking. Props used consist a bowl containing water, used to wash the poison out of the characters system, alluding to Lady Macbeth’s use of trying to wash the blood off her hands. The symbolic use of hat both identifies the character as a hat maker, and as the poison that is located in the hat is forever with the character. This is delivered as a marginalised back ground object that seems to be just a prop, but is actually the cause of the characters fall into insanity. During the performance I intend to be a very nervous character, constantly repeating actions that are connected to mercury poising, for example; a lack of coordination, tremors and dizziness – with a very soft spoken voice, like my character lacks the confidence to speak as everyone has given up on them, as they believe they have turned insane, when they have actually only been poisoned. The relation between the two representations is their motivation of guilt and insanity in the
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