Good Girls Revolt Analysis

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My mom and I are famous in our household for choosing a tv show and sitting on the living room couch to watch every episode, often over a period of months. We have seen Gilmore Girls, Scandal, New Girl, and Stranger Things. During my junior year of high school, we decided to start "that new show on Amazon Prime about those women reporters." It was called Good Girls Revolt. Good Girls Revolt is the true story of the 1970 lawsuit involving gender discrimination at Newsweek. The show renames the magazine to News of the Week and focuses on the researchers who spearheaded the lawsuit. It recreated the state of women's equality in the 1960s and 1970s, and that what was got me thinking. Why hadn't I ever heard about the women who fought for the rights I take for granted? In fact, why hadn't I been taught about women's history…show more content…
Sullivan's Commencement, I found myself immersed in a world that caused me to question who I was. More importantly, I began to see who I wanted to be. I am growing up in a generation where "feminist" is a dirty word and it is believed gender inequality is a thing of the past. But what if it is so much bigger than that? Women comprise about 50% of the population. Our history should be important to everyone, but it has been pushed into a corner. I used to believe that the past should remain behind us, but reading those books showed me that is not true. I am the courage of my great-grandmother's generation, the dedication of my grandmother's generation, and the spirit of my mother's generation. My generation is coming of age and at a crossroads. How are we to carry on their legacy? We are women that grew up inspired by Katniss Everdeen, The Bold Type, and Shonda Rhimes. In truth, I don't exactly where we are going. But if women's history has taught me anything, it's that women can do amazing things and that the future is ours to
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