Good Governance In Bangladesh Essay

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Opportunities of Good Governance in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a state of boundless opportunities. In spite of having some gloomy features in event of good governance in Bangladesh however there are lots of the opportunities of good governance in the state as well. Democratization Bangladesh has revealed fondness for democratic philosophies in a quantity for means. The state has an extensive practice of public participation by local government and one of the key motives for the scuffle to disperse from Pakistan was reasonable demonstration in the state organizations. A representative constitution was accepted and ordered elections held. The people have sturdily disparate military rule and were capable to takeover military rule through people’s…show more content…
In such an environment of widespread pessimism, one of the effects that the escort frequently stresses - and somewhat appropriately - is that the blight can be coped or well-ordered. Other states have been particularly corrupt in the previous time but have prospered in confronting the difficulty through a blend of managerial and democratic reorganization. However in a state which clasps under the massive load of corruption and fights to discover an approach to stunned its domineering burden, any footstep to giving the still-emerging anti-corruption effort a boost ask for to be affectionately acclaimed. The reports of media and editorials admit the necessity for a diversity of approaches to contest corruption, reaching from overall procedures for instance the generalization of instructions and events and the use of information technology to detailed footsteps for instance tricking corrupt government servants (Sengupta, 2010). At present, Bangladesh is not demonstrating as a highest corrupt state. It is a hopeful prospect for Bangladesh. However, organizations for instance the ACC can play a vigorous role, any wide-ranging approach to combat corruption must have to include other organizations for instance NGOs and the electronic and print
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