Good Habits In College Students

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Wala Hamayel
Professor Lovejoy
English 100 + 5L
27 January 2018
Good Habits Equals Successful Students Success in college, every student wants it. Is it easy? No. If you have made it this far, and you do not have any habits to be successful in college, well, you are in big trouble. What can good habits in college get you? Well, look at the opportunities you have. Acquiring academic skills, enriching one’s knowledge, higher grades, and getting a great paying job. Often, it has been claimed that successful college students obtain their success because they are intelligent and study hard. It goes way beyond that, a successful college student is not successful from being intelligent and studying hard. To be successful, you need to work on your goal and achieve it. To begin with, students begin college with no expectations, except bad ones. In the reading “Fear Factor” by Cox, the author interviewed college students to see how they faced their fears and overcome them. “Students were admitted to feeling intimidated by professors’ academic knowledge and by teacher’s power to assess students and assign grades (26),” Cox writes. The students adapted a fear that they would be exposed to the class and professor as “too dumb for college.” Therefore, students did not raise their hand or ask for assistance leading them to miss out on information. Professors do not want anything but the best for their students. You can always email a professor, and they would be
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