Good Intentions In Hamlet

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When does being too curious starts to become deadly? Teachers in school always advise students to always ask questions whether something needs to be repeated or explained. Though, there are some occasions where decisions are depended on people’s morals and the atmosphere. In some situations, people may make choices that are not ideal, but keep them out of danger or disputes. Having good intentions may not be the best decision either because the person is potentially putting themselves at risk of death. In this case, people who too much information about a particular person who is claimed to be mentally disturbed, did not know what they were getting into which was digging their own graves. In the well-known tragedy screen play, Hamlet, by William…show more content…
He decides to send Hamlet away to England to be executed and also sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on the death journey to make sure Hamlet dies. As Claudius sends Hamlet off to his journey to England, “By letters congruing to that effect, / The present death of Hamlet. Do it, England, / For like the hectic in my blood he rages” (P. 199, line 73-75). By Hamlet being killed off, not only would save stress, but Claudius’s hand would not be dirty. Hamlet, sensing that this is another of Claudius’s devious plans, switch the letter of death and returned home to get his revenge. As Hamlet is on a ship returning home, Claudius is informed of Hamlet’s returning and device a plan with Laertes to end Hamlet life in a fencing match. When the plan falls out of place, Laertes sold Claudius out and revealing the truth. As Hamlet reveals to the audience, “Never to rise again. Thy mother’s poisoned. / I can no more. The King, the King’s to blame. / The point envenomed too!” (P.281, Line 350-352). After the queen died from drinking the poison wine which was meant for Hamlet, he instantly accuses the Claudius and forced feed him the poison. Claudius caused this all upon himself because he was blinded from wanting power and the haunting insecurity from Hamlet, which eventually caused his death and the downfall of his…show more content…
He should not have been messing with Hamlet who was stressed and unstable, its like a normal person messing with a person who have not drank their daily cup of coffee. In the end, not only did he get insulted, he did not find out if Hamlet was crazy. In Act three, his nosiness got the best out of him. Polonius already knows that something is fishy with Hamlet, but instead of staying away from him, Polonius decides to hide and eavesdrop another conversation. Apparently, he does not know when to stop listening to the conversation. They were almost exposed when Hamlet discovered that they were listening to his and Ophelia conversation. When Polonius does not understand his mistake to eavesdrop, he eventually learns the hard way which was death. On the other hand, Claudius’s death, is more karma for all the trouble he caused upon. He caused Hamlet to go insane, queen to drink the poison cup on accident, the kingdom the fall, and his own death. Polonius and Claudius’s death were due to their own faulty decisions and questioning Hamlet’s
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