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The table above shows how the respondents give importance and concern with regards to their interaction and to mingle with others. Almost all of the respondents said that they love helping and respecting their neighbours. They show it by giving some financial assistance but much more on moral needs. A good interaction was being seen inside their community. “Ahh. Giving and helping because it is the most important, contributing clothes in Yolanda victims, we give clothes in Yolanda victim, yes.” The world “peace” really exists in them. They avoid misunderstanding towards their fellowmen. Every night they see and keep their community is silently and no drunkard man who is shouting outside which may cause of disturbing others. “Pwede din…show more content…
According to A. Torres to the concept of neighbor remained essentially traditional, as neighbors are those in proximate dwellings who could be, trusted in times of need (kadamay at kapanalig bob). Food exchange and gift giving were practiced with Utang na loob as the underlying guide. Kaut (1966) Utang-na-boob, also called "contractual reciprocal. “Obligation" is supposedly characterized by the voluntary offering of material or non-material gifts, given without any prior, agreement, accepted without any reservation, and repaid in some ' culturally determined fashion A study by Mendez and Jocano (1974) also said, all those individuals in the neighbourhood whose assistance could be relied on in time of need were considered kapwa- tao. Thus, kapwa as the value commitment underlying all forms of Filipino social interaction springs from the individual 's socialization within the family network. In 2010 survey by the Pew Research Center, researchers find that 43 percent of Americans know most or all of their neighbors. But nearly a hard aid they know none by…show more content…
One of the fundamental values of the Igorots that are in common with that of other Filipinos is the respect to elders, but in the Igorot mentality it is more of obeying elders. Unfortunately, this is slowly being eroded and noticed changes in Igorot values across the years as said by Ayban (or) Edmund Sr. Bugnosen. One of those is what they called the rituals. Igorot give much attention in doing rituals as to the practice and traditions just like in weddings. In wedding preparation and celebration it took too long Dances are also performed during the celebration of weddings they called it as balambang dance with some gongs and gansas with traditional clothes of ¬G-string (means green and black only). “Practices yung sa weddings may gansa na pineperform because that is the tradition, the balambang dance, sa death naman ang ipinapasuot is yung “inabel” ( the practices in weddings there is a gansa that need to perform because that is the tradition, the balambang dance and in death also there is an “inabel” to

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