Good Leaders In Octavius Caesar

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A ruler that benefits his people and has the knowledge of how the government system is operated will be a good leader, but some rulers do not have these traits and they only want power and only think of themselves, making them bad rulers. Two characters from William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Brutus and Octavius, are two men capable of being agreeable leaders. Brutus, is a Roman senator who is adored by the people of Rome, but is part of the conspiracy that plans to kill Caesar, believing his intentions are good. Octavius, the nephew of Caesar, leads alongside Antony after the death of Caesar. He is young, but strives to know more about Rome and its government. Both Octavius and Brutus have admirable skills and through those skills the right qualities of being a leader shine through differently. When a ruler is chosen, a necessary trait they should or gain is the experience of being a leader, this experience is gained differently by each individual.…show more content…
Brutus, for example, has a strong relationship with Caesar, but then he begins to believe Caesar is not fit to rule Rome. Although Brutus’ relationship with Caesar ended badly, Brutus had a relationship with his enemy, Antony, he never knew he had. After Brutus’ death, Antony recognizes that “this was the noblest man of them all”(88). This demonstrates how well Brutus was thought of even by his enemies. Octavius defends Caesar and will do what it takes to avenge him, making his relationship with Caesar strong. The citizens of Rome also think Octavius has great potential of being a strong and worthy leader. When Octavius is about to go to war against the leaders of the conspiracy that killed Caesar and he exclaims “...Caesars three and thirty wounds will be avenged”(78). This shows he cares for his friendships even after death. In the end only one can be the strongest and worthy

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