Good Life Definition Essay

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What is the definition of a good life? There are so many different views and variations on what a person considers to be a good life, there is no set definition. Everyone has different experiences and opinions that contribute to a life thought to be well lived. Life is valuable and everyone’s experiences are uniquely different based on a lot of characteristics. Many people believe that personal belongings and possessions give them happiness. Every year people spend millions of dollars buying materials to entertain themselves. Some believe that material possessions create a false sense of contentment, however, for others, it 's the complete opposite. This October my family had a house fire and we are not going to be able to move back in for up to eight months. In the beginning, I was sad, upset and felt angry all the time. So much of my stuff that I had loved was ruined and I couldn’t do anything about it. I felt even more sorry for my tenants even though the fire was started by them. They didn’t have the same resources and finances as my family so they were forced to live in a homeless shelter. We stayed in three hotels through the course of a month which is no longer exciting after a while. Finally,…show more content…
Community service is something that gives many people joy and gives them a purpose. “In bestowing charity, the main consideration should be to help those who will help themselves” (Source 2). This year I joined a school club called iCare. It’s a club that helps and plans different events and fundraisers at the school to benefit people who are less fortunate “since the world’s resources are dwindling”(Source 3). I have been able to help plan school events and even deliver special treats to volunteers who help people in need. Since joining this club I definitely feel more involved in my school and New York City community. By giving back to those who deserve it gives my life purpose and personally makes me
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