Good Lord Lorie Analysis

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The Turnpike Troubadours are a country rock band, which captured the souls of true country fans by storm. Although they are not widely known, their fan base continues to grow; with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics resonating throughout the beating hearts of their loyal fans. 7&7, The Funeral, and Good Lord Lorie are just three of the songs that have stood out regarding the bands view of relationships. 7&7 and Good Lord Lorie focus on personal relationships, where as The Funeral examines the relationships within a family. The lyrics will display the truth in how the band feels about relationships.
"Well, that old scene is always coming to me. I see you standin with your husband and your child. And you’re a picture of strength, grace and beauty. And me I’m just a fools in a super market aisle." This is a verse from 7 and 7. In this verse the artists describes the feeling of letting the one walk away. He is watching everything he wanted from life, slowly slip through his fingers. In life someone people believe they only have that one person, and when that person is gone they will never have a
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They are here for a fleeting moment before they are gone, and we will never be able to get the time back that we threw away. The chorus goes, "Coming home, coming home, there’s nothing like a family to make you feel so d*** alone. you should 've brought flowers, should 've got daddy 's gun, ain 't nobody waiting on the prodigal son." He is talking about the separation between family, and how when the time comes any reason that you had to separate yourself is absolute nonsense. Family comes first, and when something tragic strikes it becomes meaningless. "And Jimmy looked at momma, momma just looked down, she said why 's it take a funeral just to bring you back to town?" They are stating that family is vital, and do not forsake the time we are given. Life is fleeting, treasure the while
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