Bad Luck Good Luck My Luck Analysis

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bad luck , good luck, your luck, my luck everyone has it , everyone has it yet they need it, what may take all their buck
No one is satisfied about it
Everyone has a doubt about it
Whether he has it, and he does shout about it
For some they have a little share
Some get something of which they are unaware
Some take it as a reason that they can't smile for some it is the reason of others smile some take it as the decision of their state some allow it to destruct their mental state some think undeserving less than they should
And wondered what must be done , so that they could
Being restless , and wandering here and there
For some, their luck is the nightmare
Forget about work, i need that golden luck under estimating themselves and that
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I wonder what actually memories are??
A movie being played in flashback we hear a music without any sound track wondering where we were and where we are??
They make us feel , yes we lived those moments of rejoice which are now falling down as tears with a sigh , needing all them back, but we don't have a choice
Sometimes these give us pain remembering some efforts , which went in vain
Those sleepless nights which made us insane we work harder , as we didn't want it again
Those were the lessons which life gave and as we moved on we became brave...
For some, these are the moments of care
They return to you, even if you don't care
Somewhere at some point of time
You miss those magic touches, those hugs, that love sublime
We keep on blaming What we have got not happy what we have, bothering what we not
But these memories stay unbiased
Come to you regardless, what your heart desired
Love them and learn from these magic moments which people call memories and i call "Essence of life"

Feeling of A tree when being cut
In this thankless world stood a caring
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