Essay On Ethical Leadership

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A manager must have the utmost understanding that that Ethical Leadership and the actions associated with Ethical Leadership, are demands of being in a managerial position and will assist them in their daily duties and benefit career progression. One of the biggest advantages of practicing Ethical Leadership is manager’s reputation and how you are perceived by others. Ethical Leader/ Manager is a person who acts with integrity, knows his/her core values and having the courage to act on them on behalf of the common good. Vision in ethical leadership means that the manager must be able to look at the choices he makes from a number of different perspectives. In other words, an ethical leader has the ability to anticipate or “visualize” the consequences…show more content…
To see the “big picture.” A good Manager and a Leader shows that he cares about his teams. This alone can be the most effective leadership strategy one can use. If you show you care about your team, they are much more willing to follow whatever leadership style you employ. Contemporary leadership and management practices should focus on employees so they can focus on the customers. A good leader understands that his capital is in his people. Therefore investing time and energy in people’s development is crucial- Promoting self-development, acting as a coach and mentor. Recognizing talent and recommending further career steps. Another leader’s crucial responsibility is to recognize not engaged and actively disengaged employees. These employees should be given a lot of attention as without paying attention these kind of employees are “sinking the boat”. A skilled manager should be capable of spotting actively disengaged employees in the early stages and plan should be developed on how to assist the disengaged employee becoming engaged. On the other hand, employee must be willing to improve. Managers must create a sense of accountability. Expectations should be set by the manager and openly share with this employee. Should issues be persistent without any obvious improvement, manager should recognize a right time when to reach out to Human Resources for
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