Good Neighbor Policy Case Study

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16. The Mexican government demanded that the US treat Mexican Americans and Mexican resident nationals with dignity and respect as part of the “Good Neighbor Policy.” Discuss three specific cases in which the US failed to uphold their end of the bargain.
The demand of the Mexican government for equal treatment of all Mexican Americans residing in the United States was not uphold. The Good Neighbor Policy was dishonored due to the constant discrimination of Mexicans in U.S. soil. For example, Mexicans Americans were segregated in separate schools, they were also forced to sit apart from Anglo Americans in theaters. In addition, to segregation, services for Mexican Americans were also refused in cafes and restaurants and their entries into public swimming pools, parks and other public spaces were denied (Foley, 2014, p.75).
For instance, the case of Adolfo G. Dominguez, who is the Mexican consul in Houston, the owners of the Blue Moon Café near Houston refused to provide service. This case was widely broadcasted in Mexico which did not sit well with the Mexican government. The court case of Jacob I. Rodriguez, a LULAC member was denied entry to the Terrell Wells swimming pool near San Antonio. However, the
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After the men were drafted off to war it created masses labor shortages. In the cities, due to the rapidly growing industries traditions were overlooked and women and minorities were encouraged to apply for jobs. For example, the aircraft industry put up huge billboards in Spanish saying they have jobs and wanted Mexicans to apply. At seventeen years old, Carmen Gurrola quit her job at a sewing company to work for a Goodyear plant manufacturing rubberized gas tanks for fighters and bombers. Dressed in coveralls and with a bandana on her head she was required to climb inside the tanks (PBS, 2013). Another Mexican American who also participated working in defense industries was Rosita the
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