Good Night And Good Luck Analysis

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The Beginning of Good Night, and Good Luck is a setting which could be happening all over the world at this very moment. Wonderful tuxedoes with amazing dresses flowing throughout the room. Classic jazz streaming in the air. With smoke billowing throughout the room and finishing with it all over David Strathairn, playing Edward R. Murrow (Clooney). The director (George Clooney) is setting the stage for something very important that is about to happen. The climate is ripe for accusations and fear. Would the media confront this head on or cower in fear? Would the American public even watch a program that went against the popular movement of the time? On man pushed aside the notion that the American public did not want to be informed and wanted to…show more content…
Edward R. Murrow pushed with facts and debate instead of large unfactual accusations. All along trying to keep advertisers happy and his boss Mr. William Paley Chairmen of Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Edward R. Murrow proved that the American public want facts and wants to hear and see the truth if the media bosses, the elites and advertisers will allow it. George Clooney the director sets the stage for the heavyweight fight. Clooney pits Murrow vs. Senator Joseph McCarthy. The camera panned having Murrow looking up at Senator Joseph McCarthy on a television monitor. No one plays Senator Joseph McCarthy. It is actual video reel footage from the time. This is a huge factor when combined with him looking over everyone sets the mood and scene for the dialogue and discourse. It also creates a barrier for the audience to understand. The barrier is
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