Good Old Days Song Analysis

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As time passes, people often think of their pasts and what they have done in their life, both positively and negatively. The lyrics of the song resonate with everyone, even the famous singer Macklemore who produced the song “Good Old Days.” In the song, he reflects on his past and the times he missed or regretted. Macklemore also writes “We’ve come so far, I guess I’m proud” which also shows that he’s happy with the choices he made and that they have gotten him to where he is now—a famous musician and writer. The music in the song has an upbeat and appealing tone to it with excellent lyrics, which made it a top 40 song in the U.S. The song, “Good Old Days,” by Macklemore featuring Kesha gives listeners a unique, deep emotional connection with one’s past and future in a simplistic, but pathos way. The lyrics are very simplistic which helps to make the song relatable to its listeners. Good lyrics are the reason for a top hit song.…show more content…
Jon Blistein from the Rolling Stones article states that "Macklemore and Kesha reminisce in their powerful new hip-hop balled, 'Good Old Days. '" Macklemore and Kesha refer to themselves when they were younger. The lyrics explain that as one gets older, people often reminisce about the good memories that they had and never really the bad. Macklemore also sings, “Wish I would have gotten out of my shell.” He is saying that even though there have been good moments, he wished that he had known that those would be special moments and that he would have created more special moments at the time. This song is very memorable to Macklemore because it speaks of his past, a past that many people can relate to as a teenager or a young adult. In the song, it says, “Wish I made it to homecoming, Got up the courage to ask her out.” Many people can relate to this lyric because, as teenagers, people are often afraid to do such
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