Mcdonald's Operation Strategy

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McDonalds Operation Strategy
McDonald‟s make use of an excellent operation strategy in order to gain a larger market share and increases value to the shareholders. The company specially focuses on the speed, standardization, quality, and affordability. McDonalds has moved ahead from the other fast food restaurants by focusing on these factors. McDonald‟s competes on three main bases, such as speed, affordability, and standardization, mainly because they want to make their customers happier. Through the huge market research and surveys, the organization discovered that their customers enjoy the speed as one of the restaurants‟ top priorities. Therefore, McDonald‟s future plans are to “provide fast, friendly and accurate service”. McDonald‟s
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Actually this strategy with focused children section is fully worked for their future improvement purpose. However the environment changes this strategy can always be develop for the future generation customers‟ loyalty. And the “happy Children” can also bring in the whole “happy families”. Another strategy that the McDonald‟s delivers the food to the customers in places that they demand: Even though the McDonald‟s doesn‟t deliver traditionally in the US, still McDonald's delivers there food in many markets around the world, and the company sees that it as one of the reasons it has been so successful in those markets. Delivery is a common practice, even for fancy restaurants, in most of the Asian and Middle Eastern countries, so McDonald's is just meeting the cultural norms of its surroundings. Another strategy that the McDonald‟s use‟s is it makes their restaurants more attractive to customers by improving their physical locations to make them more appealing to customers, and it seems to be working. In China, it's trying out a "Less is more" concept design, which goes with softer colors and cushioned seats. Also, over 95% of McDonald's locations have extended their hours now, and it has several thousand restaurants that are open 24/7. Free Wi-Fi is available in each McDonald's restaurant across the world, and lately it has made a big push to install flat screen TVs in all the restaurants. It's even starting up its own TV channel with the original programming, called McTV. And the last strategy that McDonald‟s focuses on is it offers a wider variety of food: McDonald's is trying to get more customers by spreading non-traditional menu items, while still keeping its core base of burgers-and-fries. Many of the new items help combat McDonald's ever-present negative image of unhealthiness, though it will likely never shake it fully. For

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