Good Parents: The Best Hardships Of Life

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Most parents want to give their children the best possible future. Like a caring significant other, a steady job, or even a magic button to maracisly make a kid shut up. I believe good parents would give their child a set of morals that would be helpful throughout the hardships of life. Life is tough though and morals are not simply just given out to a kid as soon as they pop them out.The life lessons people experience can create a person’s morals. Some people learn morals quite quickly while some children even have better morals than most adults. Then the stubborn people usually go through hundred moral dilemmas before they learn a moralistic value. My life has given me the opportunity to gain morals to help me experience life to the fullest. My life lessons are the reason why I have a strong family values, humility, and character. I’ve heard so many times “you can’t choose your family” but if I could I surely would have never chosen the one I got stuck with. I come from a loud, obnoxious family with as much class as the washing machine sitting on our front porch. Finances become tight some months but that never stops my mama or daddy. That’s probably why our family is so close because without those hardships there would be no respect or love that we give one another. Author of The Humility Code David Brooks states, “ You have to draw on something outside yourself to cope with the forces inside yourself.” Life is hard enough with loved ones who support a person but
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