Good People Suffer Ethically Wrong

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Why does the innocent and/or the good person suffer? The suffering of innocent people is the foundation of religions because pain and suffering is part of the human conflict, but it is recognized in religions by blaming themselves, others, or they considered it to be the way of life. Suffering of the good person is still in effect in this world from worldly events to everyday life, but is there a answer? To find a some answers to suffering of the good person, history, religions perspectives on suffering is required. Theodicy is a branch of philosophy and attempts to solve the issue of evil with ideas of philosophy. A "theodicy" also refers to any attempted solution to this conundrum. The problem with Theodicy is that there is evil present in the world and they make the mistake that God is only good because the story of Job proves that wrong. The Jewish and the Christian have this story of a man…show more content…
The Buddhist believe that suffering is lack of knowledge in and failure to retrieve it.and the primary way to remedy this ignorance is through the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.The Four Noble Truths are a diagnosis and remedy for the disease of suffering: Suffering is inevitable in existence, desire causes suffering, desire can be removed and the Buddha has the prescription to remove it. The Eightfold path is Buddha 's prescription to end suffering through self-discipline. Hinduism explains suffering with the concept of karma, which is a moral law of cause and effect. If someone is suffering, Hinduism says it is due to a person 's own actions. The problem can be in the present, but because Hinduism believes in reincarnation, the problem could also be in the past. Karma in Hinduism can be seen both theistically and non-theistically -- some Hindus believe a god is responsible for policing karma and others consider it a natural occurrence. Both views are valid expressions of Hinduism, according to the Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World
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